Shared Ambition | HeyCoach application

For Shared Ambition, we started developing the online coaching application called HeyCoach about 10 years ago. At the time, it was way ahead of the market. After a few years, it was redeveloped and caught on better, eventually becoming one of the main tools for consultant-client contact in the Corona era. By now, online coaching is common sense. There is a chat function, questionnaires, and reading documents that can be shared. Trajectory administration is documented and consultants are alerted if a trajectory is inactive for too long. From within the organization comes high praise for the simplicity of use.
HeyCoach - Login nieuwe deelnemer
HeyCoach - Trajecten Coachkant
HeyCoach - Trajectnummer Coachkant
HeyCoach - Dashboard
HeyCoach - Dashboard Deelnemerskant
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