Podcast: 'Have you met me?'

With the ‘Have you met me?’ podcast, our goal is to amplify the voices of people with various perspectives that you do not hear often. We contacted and are contacting people with different backgrounds who might be underrepresented in public discussions. In the episodes, you’ll learn about  immigrant integration, discrimination against women of colour, experiences with neurodivergent, ex-convicts, and the LGTBQI+ community. What all of these groups have in common is the following: they have diverse, misunderstood or stereotyped experiences. We believe that talking with each other will create common ground and more understanding of each other’s perspectives. 

One of the inspirations for this concept was the ‘Human Library’, a project that allows attendants to converse with someone that has a ‘label’. Our colleague Abel first attended the event in 2019, Tilburg, where he spoke with a doctor that served in a military conflict, an ex-convict, and a woman with autism. After the conversations, he saw that there was a complete story behind every label. Bringing these human conversations for everyone to listen is what this podcast is about.

Do you want to share your experiences with us and our listeners? Please do not hesitate to contact us via info@blueyse.nl. We are very curious about your story. 

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