Are you a student, pursuing a design-related degree and looking for a challenging and varied parttime job? Collaborate on the development of concepts in design. You will work on the design of presentations, banners, websites and animations. Your input is highly appreciated. The programs you will be working with are InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. You will work directly on internal and external projects.

Will you come work with us? Mail your motivation to

About Blueyse

We are a creative and ambitious agency that delivers high-end services for national and international organizations with goals on gender equality and reducing inequalities. People are always the center of everything we do.

We are social. We feel responsible for people, the environment and society. We contribute to this through the choices we make in business operations, among other things. It is reflected in our mission and vision and we select customers accordingly.

We stand for quality. Together with our clients, we achieve high-quality results. We have in-house knowledge, skills and creativity and surround ourselves with professionals.

We are a strong team. We attach great value to the team spirit. We offer our clients quality in services and cooperation. We are professional, innovative and accessible.

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