The CDA is a political party in The Netherlands. They are one of the longest existing parties in the House of Representatives. The CDA is a value driven party.

As the parliament fell in July 2023, the party had to quickly turn around and create an election campaign. We assisted them by defining the creative direction and concept creation for the 2023 campaign.


CDA is a party for the people. They are at the centre. Not left or right, but in the middle. We visualized this in using split imagery with the streamline composed in the middle. 

Imagery supported the lines of text in the middle and was shown as opposites within society and how CDA aids and helps everyone within the Netherlands. 

We implemented the concept and creation over 100 social media banners. Besides the social media banners, we also designed flyers and poster with the party leader – Henri Bontenbal – and the other candidates. The numbers have shown this creative concept out performed formerly used templates. 

creative concept
social media banners
candidate posters
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