Coming soon – The Outside World

LinkedIn campaign to gain brand awareness The Outside World is a consulting and research organization based in The Netherlands and New York City. They launched the company on 28 August 2023 and specialize in bringing the outside world in. They align companies and their actions and business strategies with society.  To gain awareness for the […]

Corporate identity – Vreugdenhil

Briefing Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods is a fast-growing company that wanted a new visual identity that suited its new corporate identity and international market. With their new office, they needed a unique polished identity that matched. Approach We designed a completely new visual identity inclusive of a logo, stationery, flyers and brochures, branding icons, packaging design, […]

Corporate identity – It’s a rep

Briefing A professional identity, with a wink. At It’s a Rep, they believe that the human aspect should be reflected in their organisation. Like their approach to finding customers, they wanted their visual identity to match as well. Approach The corporate identity we created included a new logo and colour scheme, own imagery, website, social […]

G-Summit – Genesys

Briefing Genesys is the global leader in customer experience solutions. As a global leader in customer satisfaction, Genesys must be in constant contact with its customers and partners. How is this possible when people are worldwide, from different worlds, and your core business focuses on customer experience? Approach To make this possible, Genesys creates and […]


Briefing The non-profit offers a safe space for women and girls who grow up in the slums of Nairobi. They provide education possibilities so that they can escape poverty, violence, and exclusion. The organization’s wish was to gain global brand awareness with a campaign that showcases their work and the positive effects it has on […]

Commercial video – Pegamento

Briefing Pegamento’s goal was to tell the world that they have the solution for customer contact support. Specifically, in how their software is suitable for employees working remotely. To share this, they wanted to create a televised advertisement campaign.  Approach Blueyse devised, developed and created the concept for a TV commercial. The advertisement featured on […]

Recruitment – Betabit

Briefing Betabit is an organization that develops custom software and business-critical systems on the Microsoft Azure platform. They are growing fast and therefore permanently looking for new colleagues, throughout The Netherlands.  Approach To start the recruitment campaign, we had several interviews with Betabit developers and their HR department. To get to know them and find […]

Application development – Shared Ambition

Briefing Shared Ambition was in need of a new system which improves the contact between the consultants, Shared Ambition, the client, and the company. About 10 years ago, we started developing an online coaching application called HeyCoach.  Approach After a few years, it was redeveloped and caught on better, eventually becoming one of the main […]

Financieel Dagblad – ftrprf

Briefing International management consulting company, ftrprf, creates every two weeks a page-wide advertisement in the ‘Financieel Dagblad’. They want to go beyond just reaching business that are located in The Netherlands.  Approach Every two weeks we set up, manage and report on social media campaigns on LinkedIn. The target audience is inline with an ABM […]


Briefing Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland is part of NOC*NSF. This organisation is the hotline and knowledge centre for (sexual) transgressive behaviour, match-fixing and doping in sports. We assisted them in increasing awareness around the ‘Do you stay quiet or talk about it?’ campaign.  Approach With this campaign, our goal was get people talking about what […]

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